About me


_aa37749I am Jacob Jolij, born (1979) and raised in the rural east of the Netherlands. I have obtained my MSc in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam in 2001, and my PhD from that same university in 2009, though I finished my thesis years before that (oh, the joys of the Dutch academic system 😉 For my dissertation, I have worked with Victor Lamme on the neural basis of conscious and unconscious visual perception, using evoked potentials, fMRI, and in particular TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). Amongst other things, we were the first to show that TMS can be used to induce blindsight in normal observers (Jolij and Lamme, 2005), and that stimulating the visual cortex may induce a ‘visual echo’ of previously seen stimuli (Jolij and Lamme, 2010).

After finishing my dissertation, I worked with Michael Herzog as a postdoc at the Laboratory of Psychophysics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and as assistant professor in cognitive psychology and neuroscience at the University of Exeter. Since 2008, I am assistant professor in cognitive psychology and neuroscience at the University of Groningen. Here, I teach two large courses in the first year (Introduction to Psychology and Biopsychology), in addition to teaching and management in our the master’s, and the University College Groningen. Moreover, I am a member of the Board of the Dutch Psychonomics Society since 2011, and from time to time I do some scientific consultancy and presentation work.

I am married with Inge, and we have two children, Henrik (2007) and Anne-Maartje (2009). Next to my day jobs as father, husband and scientist, my greatest passion is playing and writing music (fretless electric bass, double bass, guitars and synthesizers); I play bass in the band Dogfriend. My favourite bands include (in no particular order) Ghost, Kraftwerk, Laibach, Frank Zappa, Morphine, Die Antwoord, Rush, Flight of the Conchords, Carnivore, Primus, J.J. Cale, Joe Jackson, but the list goes on and on and on and on…

You can download my full CV here (pdf).