Update 2017 #2 – I have joined the Dark Side

Well, a bit overdue, but rather late than never, as we tend to say here… a new update! And quite a big one as well.

The past months have been rather eventful, to say the least. Most importantly: I’ve got a new job (largely). As of September 1, I am our faculty’s new Head of Research, Data, Technology & Policy. And yes, that means I have officially joined the ranks of University Administration. Together with the fact that my research over the past years largely included social/cognitive neuroscience, I am actively doing psi research, and do not use Bayes factors, I think may now be the official arch-nemesis of the Evidentiary Value Movement (at least, on paper)…

In my new job, I am responsible for the research and data infrastructure and policies of our faculty. Roughly speaking, it’s my job to make sure that researchers have up-to-date and safe labs to work in, and that they can store and share their data easily and responsibly. It is a very interesting and challenging position, I have to say, and it offers a completely different perspective on academia. I will write a few posts on that matter shortly.

Research-wise, the job change has slowed down things quite a bit, but not completely. We have finished a large-scale, preregistered replication in which we have looked at anomalous effects (in particular, precognition and a mind-over-matter effect). We’re writing up the results at the moment, but let me say that I was surprised by the results (yes, significant psi effects. Again). A follow-up on this line of research is in the works.

Anyway, new job is calling – a more senior management position comes with a full agenda, so I have learnt. More posts to follow soon!

2017 Update #1

Oops, way past pay-day. I promised to give a brief overview of what the taxpayer is getting for her/his money that goes to my salary every month, so here goes:

Well, January was a bit of a rough start. I mean, doing science is a pretty hard job, requires quite a bit of focus, and it doesn’t really help if your daily newsfeed reads like the prologue of a postapocalyptic thriller. Add to that a stupid accident (I slipped on the ice chasing the dog a couple of weeks ago, fell on my butt, and developed sciatica as a result – the joys of getting older),  and things don’t go as smooth as planned. But let’s put that aside, shall we?

My tiny Department of Weird Shit is actually doing pretty well. We got a Bial grant in for some pretty controversial TMS work, a small faculty grant which we will partly use for a pre-registered replication of our anomalous EEG decoding-the-future work, and last but not least, just this week we got a small grant to finally do some true serious work on the notorious feel good formula! The research teams for these projects have been assembled, and we’re starting the actual testing later this month. So, exciting times ahead! Let’s hope no nukes will inadvertently drop on our heads, and stuff will be awesome (all the more because my wife passed her exams for datamanager, and now has a permament contract, yay!)

Moreover, first draft of a paper on the perils of open data sharing is now with the co-authors, and a paper on single trial analysis of EEG data is nearing completion. Hopefully that’ll be in next month’s update. Over the next couple of weeks I am in the luxurious position of not having to teach (too much), so I am really hoping for some progress.

Will keep you posted. Until next month!