Update 2017 #2 – I have joined the Dark Side

Well, a bit overdue, but rather late than never, as we tend to say here… a new update! And quite a big one as well.

The past months have been rather eventful, to say the least. Most importantly: I’ve got a new job (largely). As of September 1, I am our faculty’s new Head of Research, Data, Technology & Policy. And yes, that means I have officially joined the ranks of University Administration. Together with the fact that my research over the past years largely included social/cognitive neuroscience, I am actively doing psi research, and do not use Bayes factors, I think may now be the official arch-nemesis of the Evidentiary Value Movement (at least, on paper)…

In my new job, I am responsible for the research and data infrastructure and policies of our faculty. Roughly speaking, it’s my job to make sure that researchers have up-to-date and safe labs to work in, and that they can store and share their data easily and responsibly. It is a very interesting and challenging position, I have to say, and it offers a completely different perspective on academia. I will write a few posts on that matter shortly.

Research-wise, the job change has slowed down things quite a bit, but not completely. We have finished a large-scale, preregistered replication in which we have looked at anomalous effects (in particular, precognition and a mind-over-matter effect). We’re writing up the results at the moment, but let me say that I was surprised by the results (yes, significant psi effects. Again). A follow-up on this line of research is in the works.

Anyway, new job is calling – a more senior management position comes with a full agenda, so I have learnt. More posts to follow soon!